Review: Quechua Arpenaz Camping Mat

A single carpet can seem somewhat superfluous, but can be extremely useful not only in camping, but for several moments of leisure and rest. Being bulky just for camping out of adventure (trekking/mountaineering) the rug in the quechua is a great outfit to compose the junk of the camper and even to leave the trunk of the car. This is because he can break branches on sidewalks, parks, events, and even that simple picnic.

Who has a child knows the usefulness widens even more.

The key feature of Quechua rug is at the bottom. The soft and comfortable fabric Acrylic top material is protected by a waterproof blanket at the bottom, made of EVA, which protects users from that unwanted moisture that occurs even in dry sunny days. This layer also protects de matos and most protruding chips that in the case of the use of common rags or sarongs, end up bothering.

With little size accommodates several people or even give a great room for children to play safely. Has tape system and Velcro that allow it to be rolled up and accommodated without unwinding and with handle for transport. Extremely lightweight, your total 1, 40 m X 1, 70 m and turn into 35 cm X 12 cm in diameter in the position of guard. The XL model has 1, 70 m X 2, 07 m.


Use the carpet if you configured extremely comfortable. The floor was in that situation of tall grass that reaches your feet itch. The composition of the carpet with the bottom liner made straight the protection role, turning the high lawn in a set up more “cute”. As soon as we developed, the carpet is a bit “tough” by displaying the folds and sides raised, which quickly while using just resting. We tested the two colors available in the market. Used in camping and in walks in parks, the carpet now practically lives in our trunk.

Are two different sizes that can vary in color depending on the occasion. On the website of the Decathlon is a little confusing. The smaller model has 1, 40 m X 1, 70 m declared in the description. Already the largest model listed as “floor Protection XL Confort” and does not declare the measures, but according to our measurements, has 2, 07 m X 1, 70 m. Your weight is 1, 100 kg. In this article, the Orange is the smallest and the biggest blue. The material of the smaller model is declared by Quechua as “acrylic + EVA”. In the great is more complete with: main fabric: 100% polyester; : 100% Ethylene Vinyl acetate; Padding: 100% polyethylene; Handle: 100% polyester. This larger model also features a foam between the two liners increasing comfort and protection, element that I can see to the touch. Amos have a seam finish on the edges for the durability.

In use on the beach he shown very effective on sand protection, but needs a good washed to remove the sand that enters the top fabric. In case of being wet, drying is not nor time-consuming, but neither ultra fast.

Marcos Pivari

* Product provided by Decathlon for evaluations and analyses MaCamp.