Review: Solar Charger Green Line-Cheetah

Who has never been to a trail, camp or even a quick trip and when you least expect it, just your Gadget’s battery. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to use your camera to keep that moment so special, pass the time without a song or playing with your new application while the plane or train is not enough. Let’s imagine a situation even worse, you’re in the middle of nowhere, looking for help and realize that your cell phone or radio Communicator is out of battery, what to do now? Probably you would have to walk far to get help if you don’t have any other way of signaling or communication. Unfortunately, with each passing day we become even more hostages, and nothing as always have the battery of our technological gear loaded. Was thinking about it that the Cheetah has developed the Solar charger Green Line, regardless of the situation, you will always have energy to charge your devices.

Solar charger Green Line – Cheetah, with 7 adapters and a USB cable. Downloaded gadgets? Never more.

With seven different connectors plus one USB cable (check the technical specifications of your appliance before recharging), the product is compatible with most cell phones and digital products with USB interface that need recharging. Position the charger directly to sunlight the product transforms the energy absorbed by the Panel into electrical energy by storing it in an internal battery, so you’ll always have power available regardless of time. In the absence of sunlight, the unit can be loaded directly into the mains, this way you ever leave the House prepared.

Solar panel detail indicative lights tell you if the internal battery is charged.

Very easy to use, just plug your appliance into the adapter and within minutes the battery is already full, a very big advantage in this product is that you can charge your device and reload the Solar charger at the same time, placing it under the sunlight, which is very advantageous, as we do not have to wait for the internal battery is full so we could recharge any other product.

The price varies between R$ 200.00 to 250.00. A fair price considering the quality and convenience that you provide. (The Cheetah offers another model with a more affordable price, to view click here)

-Weight: 0.560 kg;

-Dimensions: 13 x 9 cm, 7 cm, 7 x 2, 4 cm

Positive points:

Compatible to charge Iphone and Ipod

Lightweight and resistant

ABS material (fire-proof).

Small LED for lighting or signage.

Practicality and quickness to recharge devices.

4.5 cartridges options to 9V.

Ecologically correct.

Negative points:

Negative points were not found until the present time.

On behalf of the entire team from, I would like to thank all contributors and especially the Marketing team of CHEETAH, because this product revolutionized our adventures, thank you very much for this and can always count on us.

Readers, stay tuned, because there’s a special Christmas draw around.