Sew with Us – Sleeping Bag: Day 3, Bottom and Finished

Last day! Today finished the Stitching with us: coseremos part of abajodel SAC.

Sew with Us - Sleeping Bag Day 3, Bottom and Finished

We recommend that you read both blogs entries (here the link to Tes Pes to the Miayo) before and thus can draw in your head the way that best suits your skills and preferences.

Where there are significant differences, we will indicate what you expressly with indicative Alert CCN!
Get him!!

do an “Exchange” with the polar and another with the outside

  1. join them
  2. turn it over and close
  3. put snaps

Put the 2 parts of fabric printed with the faces of good touching and holding them with pins.

We sew along the blue line.

If we want that sack ends and rectangular, can omit the following 3 photos.

I have opted to give him a bit of volume.

Fold the sack at the corners, so 2 seams are well overlapping.

Sewn perpendicular to the seam (follow the blue line of the photo), at least 8 to 10cm from the corner (or less, if you want the effect is less pronounced).

We cut the fabric that surplus:
So are the corners on the outside:

Now do the same with the fleece fabric (leaving a small hole in the side to turn it):
We fold the fleece in half and attach with pins.
We sew the piece marked in blue.

If you’ve cut the fleece in 2 parts, you must also stitch the entire bottom.
We put the fleece inside the outside part, good faces touching (both inside and out are the inner faces), aligned side seams…… and we attach with pins for all around.
We sew around the edge.
And we give back through the hole that we have left in the fleece fabric.
Here inside, is seen with the hollow where we turned it, we have to now hand sewing:
Alert on CNN! 3PaM puts a lapel to bottom to fasten it to the top. I do directly on top of each other (so leave some margin above by checking the form below.

These are the 2 parts of the SAC. Only missing the snaps together.
It is now ready bag! What do you think? I love!

We are all looking forward to seeing the bags that you are sewing, Let’s hang a post with these, do you fancy them to send them? By email, or by hanging them on the facebook page of the blog.