Signs That Indicate That You Need to Renew Your Equipment

The most adventurous just clinging to favorite items, which over the years have become great companions. But, at a certain point, it is important to renew their equipment. Check below some signs that it’s time to retire your “baby”:

BACKPACKS -if any seam come loose or a zipper is stuck, send the cobbler, or seamstress; If there is a little hole in the fabric, glue a patch (with the flag of the countries you have visited or with Brazil or another that you prefer) in addition to ‘ fix ‘ gives a visual of the product.

Now if the problem is within the bag, it’s good to replace it. A good backpack frame is flexible, light and strong at the same time, but due to the natural use, accommodation during travel or how we safeguard the backpack, they can be ‘ bent ‘ and become a great nuisance.

SLEEPING BAG -if you noticed that your sleeping bag no longer heats up like they used to, may be the time of replacement. This may have occurred because of the way you have it saved. The sleeping bags should be “free” after each trip, i.e. should not be in their packaging.

TENT -the signs that indicate a need for Exchange of the tent are the most obvious. Regarding holes always tries to give a solid, covering them with ‘duct tape’; but one point that can give you a lot of headache are the seams. Note If they are open. Infiltration may occur by them when it rains.

It is also important to check the conditions of the rods and rubber bands, over time they can wear off and maybe it’s time to purchase a new set of sticks.