Storm in The Camping of The Jureia

After checking out and put in my backpack all items by check list, came down the stairs from the third floor of my apartment on the way to the bus stop to Peruíbe. I took the bus on schedule, arriving in Peruíbe hs 2:30 after, I headed to the bus terminal that makes the route of Barra do Una de Peruíbe in the Juréia, which reached the 13:00 hs. After 2:30 hs in the Serra do Peruíbe, which is called erroneously of Serra do Quaraí, I reached my destination.

Storm in The Camping of The Jureia

I introduced myself to Mr. John, owner of the Camping of the Juréia, to request a space to assemble my tent, which was answered promptly, since the camping have many areas not reserved. The course of the day, between various tours and returning in the evening tired of hiking on trails in the rocky shores.

I prepared dinner consisting of soup kitchen with addition of 1 sachet of select vegetables with bread and oranges purchased in a market near the bus station of Peruíbe. After dinner, I took some night shots of the tent, I closed the screen screen, and went to sleep.

I woke up with the Thunder and the lightning flashes reflected in tissues of the tent, I looked at the clock on the phone, are 00:00 hs … I got up grabbed a flashlight and a compass, and I went in the direction of the restinga Beach, adjacent to see the powerful and great strength of this work of art in nature, after the measurements of condemned the direction of this powerful phenomenon of nature checked the tent espeques, stretched the risers and I returned to the tent to sleep because it estimated that the storm would reach the camping around 4:00 in the morning.

Storm in The Camping of The Jureia 1

My prediction failed because 3:00 a.m. woke up again with the Thunder, lightning and powerful winds in squalls United in an orchestral chorus. Inside the tent, whose rods if wore in sync with the mastery of the wind in bursts because the 25 minutes of chaos seemed a etern age. So how come she was gone, leaving a short pause where I used to see the damage caused in the tents of the campers, since many bring gazebos, and still close with its plastic sides to protect themselves from Sun, rain or wind, thus creating a greater resistance to it, camping in summer tents that are unsuitable for rainy days.

Storm in The Camping of The Jureia 2

I found people panicked hidden in the cafeteria and in the areas of the tanks and baths, whose tent was completely flooded and destroyed by the wind. Many of them were invited by other campers to sleep in their tents, which unfortunately I could not do my can only fit one more person. The Sun presented this morning spreading its rays on the lawn of the camping, as if nothing had happened. Made my breakfast with bread, ham pâté, chocolate milk with milk powder. Many placed their belongings to dry in the Sun, others joined their belongings and left, and we stayed for many hours commenting the fact happened.

Storm in The Camping of The Jureia 3

I hope that these people who have gone through this incident of nature, that by your inexperience and lack of knowledge, don’t be reckless, and not refractory nature, because it is pretty powerful and sovereign.
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