The 4th Edition of the Caveaway Home Planet Tour Starts

The”CaveAway tour 2014″ get the most creative candidate for a weekend borrowed, not their personal holiday dreams to realize the inflatable three-man tent “the cave”. Now that is “CaveAway tour” offered by home planet for the fourth time. Applicants can borrow “The Cave”, for example, for Festival visits, city -, trekking – surf – or weekend getaways. “The Cave” is then 20 weeks from early May until October 2014 non-stop on the road and serves as a mobile home:20 weeks – 20 persons – 20 locations across Germany.

The all-round carefree package belongs home planet to Thursdays delivers the tent and Tuesdays off holt. From there, it goes directly to the next winner. The login for the CaveAway tour of 2014 will find under our site.

The special feature of “The Cave” is that the tent is blown up and ready for use after not even 60 seconds. Annoying bar salad then belongs to the past. In addition, the tent is extremely durable and stable wind. Home planet of official partner is not free of the RED BULL STORM CHASE. Home planet stands for premium quality and processed only particularly reliable materials. 5 double-walled chambers made of polyester and thermoplastic polyurethane films (TPU), based on the principle of GEODESIC form the framework of “The Cave”, the IDG (Inflatable diamond Grid). This design, which was applied for the patent makes flexible and at the same time stable tent “The Cave”. At this, the molecular structure of a diamond inflatable mesh structure felt to inner tent and flysheet are hooked. Less than 5 kilos and we delivered weighs the tent together with the air pump in a bag.

About home planet

More than three years ago, in January 2011 the two passionate surfer, friends and young entrepreneur Stefan Clauss and Stefan Schulze Danan from Hamburg raised its first product, the ISPO brand new before: the inflatable GEODESIC tent “The Cave”. For this, they have received much recognition and attention. They have won the design award of the Federal Republic in gold in October 2012. The two founders have the target set itself, to develop the best possible travel equipment and to combine the functionality of outdoor products with an innovative design: A concept that “Outdoor Lifestyle” called home planet.