Use Of Seams: Which Side Must Be The Trigger Of The Connector?

Especially when we’re starting to practice sport climbing, on the day that we have a crossing on a road that we’re climbing comes to doubt: the Karabiner of the seam has to be turned to which side.
The upper carabiner (what’s in the flapper) is at first indifferent to the importance which way is the trigger, and is always placed on the basis of how it comes to sewing factory.
Some manufacturers like Petzl has the triggers of the two connectors of the seam facing the same direction as other brands are facing the opposite sides.
But the lower carabiner is raising the doubt which side has to be tapped.
If we are progressing vertically, is indifferent to which side faces.
However when we are climbing to the left or right of the flapper is when we have to be careful.
If we’re going to the right of the entire the trigger of the connector must be facing the left, if we’re climbing to the left, the trigger should be facing to the right.
A question is always raised when you teach this rule is: why is it so?
If the trigger of the connector is facing the side where is climbing, the trigger can touch something protruding rock and so be semi-open, reducing the resistance of the material in approximately 66%.
Yes, it’s a longshot, but it happens.
Another possibility is the rope supporting in the trigger for a possible fall, and the trigger open causing a fall as if the stitching didn’t even exist.
The drawings above are self explanatory.
Whenever I see someone stitching wrong, call your attention, because the risk of an accident increases exponentially.