What Should I Do As Annoying As Possible On The Campsite?

You have worked hard all year and forward for months on the summer vacation. The perfect holiday picture means for you: relax in the Sun with a book or magazine a drink in your hand with the sound of the sea or Lake in the background. Once arrived at the campsite, this image will be destroyed quickly. Your neighbors are very noisy and uncomfortable and your vacation is ruined in various ways. Everyone at the camp site suffers except the wrong-doers. If you plan to view even more annoying campers to behave? With the following 8 tips is your success is guaranteed!

  1. Noise pollution

Bring your radio and television. Of course, it is very difficult to entertain, to avoid boredom, you connect the TV to a campsite in southern France. Since the whole camping area with of course want to enjoy your favorite programs, turn the volume knob on position maximum.

  1. Steal the show

Buy the latest, most spectacular tent and the coolest camping gadgets, so you can steal the show. Was not too modest and as much as possible to invite neighbors so that they can admire your great equipment. Maybe you can recommend your neighbors still matters, which necessarily should buy them next year for the camping season, because you are up to date on the latest trends.

  1. Pets

The family is only complete when the dog comes also with the camping area. The dog area is a bit far away to walk, so occasionally let his necessaries do your dog behind the trailer. That the dog barks and begs for the neighbors to dinner, you simply make do.

  1. Stand-by

They are indispensable to your employer and must be accessible 24/7. Turn the volume of your phone, so you will not miss not only E-Mail or app and do not hesitate to command your colleagues, while you have your camping neighbors for a large party to visit.

  1. Games

Because otherwise, your dog runs away with the ball, you can play football better in front of the tent of your neighbors. The neighbors find it probably doesn’t matter that the ball always comes under their Chair.

6 Waste

Do holidays and the last thing you want to do during your holiday, after all, is clean. At home always already have to. Candy wrappers, lollipop legs, plastic cups and cigarette butts are scattered around your tent here and here. With a little luck blowing your trash in your tent at night in the direction of the caravan of your neighbors and need is not even more worry about the cleaning.

7 Children

It’s vacation and this means that the children may do what you want and that they will not be punished for bad behavior. The fact that you are fighting among age, however, it can be little.

  1. Finally ‘Ruhe’

In the evening you are glad that your children sleep finally on their mattresses, so you finally have time to drink a beer (but wahrscheiclich different beers). Invite the neighbors from across a, drink too much beer and and tell each other coarse jokes. Her laughs, drinks beer and gets loud how great is this camping ground. Finally, you adopted from each other with a hard burp and then you hobbles to euerem own tent. Anyone on the camping grounds remains awake because of the noise, but it was a lovely evening and that’s the point.

How annoying do you behave on the campsite?