Xtrax One Action Camera-Review & Unboxing

Among the many existing action cameras in the Brazilian market, decided by the Xtrax. I made this choice because she have good cost-benefit ratio, by design and by good feedback from some people. She is a national, that same camera, is a camera brazuca, considered a direct competitor of GoPro, which is the sweet spot of all travelers and lovers of outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, traditional cameras are too big – and also very fragile-to be put to the test in some environments, so it felt great need to have a camera. And, as a blogger, I have the obligation to record the best moments of a trip. Bet on it.

From the outset, regretted by the purchase of the product. Seriously! The camera came with defect, there was a burnt pixel on the LCD. I was pissed off, I purchased the machine to do a marathon of travel 3. Resorted to the warranty, and the company took 20 days to do the analysis and send me a new one. But I got a perfect camera. Now it’s okay.

The Xtrax has several functions that let in a position almost like GoPro and Sony, except for some functions that I’ll explain later below.

Xtrax-initial Impressions

I spent a few weeks playing with the Xtrax. I did some traveling and I could test it in external environment, as it really should be. The interface is easy and takes little time to get used to the product. I found the simple handling, once considered the menu well and without much secret. It’s all good intuitive.

I enjoyed the quality of photos and videos. I couldn’t find much difference in relation to other cameras, such as the GoPro and Sony. I found a very nice LCD display, because you can see time as the image was.

Again, my only problem was with the warranty time. I thought that the company could have given an accelerated, as flagged on my urgency and need in 3 trips. In other words, felt the injury so.

Note: Only the first scene was not created by the Xtrax One. The rest of the video was recorded entirely with the camera.

Good Points

Is a cost-effective camera.

The images are good and the videos come out with great quality. Is a action camera with FullHD resolution. Has remote control, LCD display and has a very nice design. For being a national product, the manual comes in Portuguese.

Negative Points

The audio leaves a little to be desired. Inside the case, for example, I noticed that the sound is a bit low.

Where to Buy

The camera can now be found in various online stores.

Americans: See here!

The Xtrax has cost approximately R$ 730.00.

Final Considerations About Xtrax

The Xtrax is a good equipment, but with restrictions. Is an excellent option for those who want to have an action camera with low investment. The images are good, the equipment is easy to handle and the accessories are cool.

See the Video Unboxing

The product has been purchased by the author of the blog. And the opinion here cited is honest and personal, without any interference of the brand. This warning represents our commitment and transparency before your opinion.